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Certified Translation

Looking for the best Certified Translation Company? We specialize in translating Certificates and Official Records, Academic Degrees, Medical Reports, Contracts, Technical Data Sheets, bid documents, etc. We only employ the Best Certified Translators of English, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic,  Quechua, and Aymara. We offer Translations with Legal Value, Double Quality Control, Confidentiality Agreement, and Urgent Deadlines.

We provide both types of Certified Translation:

1.-Digital Certified Translation, which includes the following benefits:

✅Legalized Digital Signature of the Certified Translator and the Dean of the Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators.

✅Barcode and QR Code which guarantee Advanced Digital Security, allowing the requesting institution to access the translation from any device.

✅Certified Translator’s Affidavit certifies that the Translation is Authentic, True, and Correct to the original document’s content which is attached.

✅Delivery of the Digital Certified Translation via e-mail. If you need to submit the Digital Certified Translation in physical format, you may print it as many times as necessary and each printed Digital Certified Translation will keep its legal value as per Supreme Ministerial Decree 026-2016 PCM.

✅The entities requesting the certified translation will be able to validate or verify them easily through a link.

2.-Physical Certified Translation, with the following characteristics:

✅Delivery in Physical Format, with Physical Letterhead of the Colegio de Traductores del Perú (Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators).

✅ Hand Signed (Not Legalized) and Hand Stamped by Translator.

✅ Affidavit Certifying that the Translation is Authentic, True and Correct to the content of the original document to be attached.

✅ You can pick up the Certified Translation at our office located in Miraflores and we will also send you the scanned translation by e-mail.

✅ Contact Us Right Now to Schedule your Certified Translations Easily and Quickly. You can complete the entire process virtually from anywhere in the world. More than 18 Years of Experience providing the Best Professional Translation Services in Lima, Peru and the United States.

✅ The Certified Translation is the translation signed and stamped by a Certified Translator, an Active Member of the Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators. The Certified Translation has legal value and you can use it in legal proceedings before local and foreign authorities. Contact us for immediate attention. Our office is located in Miraflores (Lima, Peru).

Official Translation

We provide Official Translations by Sworn Translators (also known as Official Translators) registered with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will certify the official translation of the document. Official Translation is the translation of documents with legal effects in Peru or abroad. The Official Translation requires that the source document complies with certain requirements regulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including that it has the seal of the corresponding Apostille or Legalization. The Apostille is processed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin of the document or at the Peruvian Consulate in such country. Our Official Translators are duly authorized for the language they translate by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

*Check with the entity requiring the translation whether you will need an Official Translation or a Certified Translation of your document.

Professional Translation

Our Professional Translators ensure the Quality, Accuracy and Fidelity of the translation in relation to the original document. Only Senior Professional Translators and expert native speakers in English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Quechua, Native Languages, etc. We are a Translation Company with more than 18 years of experience, and we have the capabilities, resources and organizational experience to manage large and highly complex translation projects under urgent deadlines.

Corporate Translation

Professional Translation Service for Companies and Government Institutions. We provide specialized translations of the following documents:

Annual Reports, Policies and Procedures, Employee Manuals

Bidding Documents

Process and Procedures Documents

Product Descriptions and Technical Data Sheets.

Advertising and Marketing Material

Legal Contracts and Civil Certificates

Catalogs, Manuals, and Books

Audio and Video Translation

For organizations that require Professional Audio and Video Translation.

We perform Transcription, Translation and Subtitling or Dubbing of Audiovisual Material such as Documentaries, Institutional Videos, Digital Content for Virtual Courses. Take advantage of the potential of reaching an international audience by translating your digital content into the language of your choice.

We can take care of the Translation and Localization of digital content and audiovisual material in English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch and Quechua, etc.

We also offer Simultaneous Interpretation Services for Live, Online or Pre-recorded Virtual Meetings and Events.

Technical Translation

Specialized Technical Translations for Mining, Environmental, Engineering, Medical, Pharmaceutical and other technical fields by senior translators with more than 20 years of experience, experts in industry-specific technical terminology and with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter to be translated.

Instruction Manuals. Technical and User Manuals.

Legal Translation: Translation of Legal Texts such as Purchase and Sale Contracts, Powers of Attorney and Deeds, Insurance Policies, Expert Reports, Labor Documentation, and Intellectual or Industrial Property Documents.

Financial Translation: Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Tax Returns.

Mining Translation: Translation of Mining Texts such as Operations and Training Technical Manuals, Drilling and Exploration, Mineral Processing, Health and Safety, and Environmental and Social Impact Studies.

Pharmaceutical Translation: Documentation and Labeling of Pharmaceutical Products and Registration Applications.

Medical Translation: Translation of Medical Texts, Technical Sheets, Clinical Trials, Medical Reports and Scientific Articles for Specialized Journals.

100% Human Translation

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    Translation, Editing and Proofreading of your document by a team of professional translators.

    Compliance with the Delivery Deadline.

    The Format of the Translation according to the format of the source document.

    Delivery in Digital or Printed Format.

    Confidentiality Agreement at Client's Request.

    Back-up of your Digital Translations for up to 3 years.

    Request a Certified, Official or Simple Translation Online or by Phone easily and quickly. Our more than 18 years of experience ensure that you receive the highest professional standards in Certified and Professional Translations.

    Who we are?

    Founded in 2004, Hispana Idiomas Group is a translation company established in Lima, Peru whose goal is to provide you with the best Translation, Interpretation and Language Training services. Quality, Accuracy and Confidentiality achieved only through Certified Professional Translators. Our translators translate into their native language in order to guarantee an accurate and efficient translation. Hispana Idiomas is a Licensee of the Peru Country Brand and is registered with Indecopi through Resolution N° 001996-2014/DSD.  Our office is located in the heart of Miraflores (Lima-Peru) and also in Florida (United States).

    We have the knowledge and experience to add value and make your project a success. Our Professional Translators, Linguists, and Proofreaders will take care of every detail of your project.


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    Hispana Idiomas is a
    Licensee of the Peru Country Brand.

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